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Tuesday, July 20, 2004
Everything will be all right, when we go shopping
Yeah long time no post. I was in DC 7/5 adn returned to the land of non-modem internet on 7/13. Then my first thesis committee meeting was Wednesday, 7/14. I won't go into how much that sucked... but I had a fever that day, so that could have been part of it. Or I'm just stupid, who knows.
So last night I realized how very very poor I am. !!! I thought I was doing ok! I mean, I got the damn speeding ticket, and cut back on spending after that. But I also decided to not pay my cable bill that month (and deal with paying double this month, and so I paid the late bill just after I got paid, and now I have this month's real bill sitting on my table at home) and to not pay the new refridgerator monthly installment in June. So here I am with $100 more to pay this month,and I realized, I am so poor!! Again I have to take money from savings (which was negative last month, thank god for my birthday though, but now it's pretty low again) and I still dont' have enough money to pay the stupid cable bill. Aaaah! sigh, no fair. So my idea of going for retail therapy when I am feeling down is a stupid, stupid treatment, because it's making everything worse.
No more shopping for me. Especially since I bought Kate Spade playing cards ($20 for two decks, stupid CT sales tax) on Sunday. Well I mean no more shopping this month. Next month I'l get my $150/month raise. Woohoo!
And after the sucky sucky committee meeting, I was totally not myself. Then Monday I really got back to work, I did a sucrose gradient, which is the most excruciatingly annoying and painful (seriously, it's physically painful to do) experiment I've ever done. Mostly because when you pour the sucrose gradient, you have to do it very slowly and caaaarefully. There are 11 1mL steps and if you agitate the tube, they might mix and then it's useless. I'm using this to separate organelles based on their density, to see if Erv26 has the ER-Golgi localization I think it does. And then later I'll check out if ALP's localization is changed inthe absence of Erv26. Which I think it will be. And even though I was in the lab 11 hours on Monday, I realized that I am so much happier when I'm busy. I guess I just really really hate to be bored. Which I am now, western blots have so much empty time slots.
Good news: I bought 2 cute pairs of shoes in DC, and 2 skirts. I'm going to wear one of the skirts and the red flipflops tomorrow. Just because.
I was at the beach this weekend (incidentally, so were John and Eileen. I was in Westbrook, John was in New Haven with Megan and then went to Westbrook for dinner, and Eileen, I think, was in Old Lyme). And then other people were in CT too. CT's the place to be! So I got a tan (slight burn, I was dumb and decided I would just not be in the sun long so why bother with sunscreen? But it was so relaxing so time passed quite fast...). Then I headed north for Roxanne's party, full of good food and good QODs.
So... such is my life. Jenn is coming up this weekend so I've planned poker/potluck for Saturday. I'll proabbly make quiche and rice krispie treats and tell everyone else to just bring whatever. Sometime I should have a theme potluck.... but not when I have company, too much to do.
Love, money vs shopping, and summer fun

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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Scared, scared, scared. I'm giving my RIP (research in progress seminar) in 4 hours. Basically I'm telling everyone what's I've been doing in the past year in lab, and trying to convince them that's it's worthwhile. And then they will ask me questions which is also scary.
Aaah I'm nervous,and I have to sit and wait 4 hours. Luckily no one else wanted to go buy the post-RIP beer and munchies, so I am in charge of that. Nothing like a 45 min trip to the grocery store to take my mind off it my talk. You know I'll take my time there...
Love, fear, and nervous jitters
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