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Monday, June 14, 2004
Procrastination in Progress
Yay birthday weekend! Now I am 24, and the weekend was quite fun. Did some shopping/mother-daughter quality time, and had coffee with Ann, dinner and saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (for the 2nd time) with my parents. So, life was good Saturday. Friday and Sunday were also nice.
So now I am starting to get my ass in gear for my RIP (research in progress) seminar, which is July 1, but my advisor wants to go over it with me this week, which means I need a rough draft put together. Arg! First thing is that I don't know what to include for background, second thing is I don't have all the data I want, and one of the experiments I will start after I finish this blog, but the other one I don't know how to do and it's tricky and argargarg. So Iwill have to wait for the people who know how to do it to return from their dumb vacations with their girlfriends...
In other news... not too much. All of a sudden I have a social life, which is freaky- Rob's party Thursday, Eileen's party Friday (although is she still having it?? Have heard no mention of it for a while, but she has been stressed with getting engaged adn needing to find a place to live after she gets kicked out on June 30) adn Katie's party on Saturday. Why can't fun things come gradually, why must they be crammed in in spurts like this? Oh well.
So, back to working or procrastinating on my RIP. argarg
Love, science, and birthday shopping
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