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Thursday, October 30, 2003
i don't like it when juice wears tights
Goal of the week: buy orange tights (for my halloween costume). You'd think, with orange being the new pink and all, that orange tights would not be so hard to find. HA! You forget, as I did, that I live in NH. After hitting every store that sells female attire, and deciding spending twice what the tights cost in shipping charges, that I would buy white tights and dye them orange. This would work well, if i hadn't decided to take my contacts out right after putting the tights in the orange water. My left contact is now a "colored contact". As Stacey said, I don't know how we're grad students yet still do so many stupid things. So true...
I also like how the only comments I ever get tell me to update. Thanks guys! I love your fanmail. ;)
Tomorrow is Halloween. I have worn halloweeny socks every day since Saturday (except Sunday, aka sick-day). I'm going as a rubber ducky. Davor's having a par-tay to preparty before the med/grad student dance/party/spectacular. We had a kick off of Halloween festivities last weekend when I hosted a pumpkin carving party (pumpkins were carved by me, Rich adn Kathi, and photographed by Susie) followed by a trip to Keene to see the Pumpkin Festival (photos to be developed soon and put onmy website, if they come out nicely). That was cool, lots of pumpkins (yay!) but also lots of people (ew i hate people). But it was neat-o.
Now I'm much less stressed, having handed in my midterm assignment a few hours ago, and now I face a weekend with no plans except lab stuff (TBD tomorrow), practicing piano/voice and taking Dave and Jenn out for Indian food. Yay!
I also introduced Dane Cook to Susie and Brandon, and he was a hit. I will spread the word of DANE.
Love, pumpkins and good hair days.
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Friday, October 24, 2003
Old fashioned science
It's been a challenge to get any work done this week. Wednesday adn Thursday, we had asbestos cleaning up in our lab. Now we have no electricity. But the Barlowe lab goes on! Matt's plating yeast (the gas still works), and all of us are still on our laptops, and reading by the windows. You can't stop science...
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Thursday, October 23, 2003
Driving in a Winter Wonderland
This morning, I woke up to 3 inches of snow. I mean yay,but it's October 23rd!! I like snow anyway though,and it was cold so I welcomed it. I cleaned off my car (used the snow brush for the first time this year, after I finally found it buried inthe trunk), and I got all decked out in my warmest green gloves, my blue sparkly scarf and my fuzzy black hat from the Gap. And for the 5th time this season, I wore a sweater. I feel like October is too early for sweaters, but I have a lot of sweaters that I like. I feel more fashionable when it's cold.
Then once I got into Hanover, what do I see at the side of the road, but a flock of at least 15 turkeys.There were 7 or 8 standing there, adn then at least 5 or 6 more walking up the small hill into the trees. Turkeys!
We had asbestos cleaning last night, we were to be kicked out at 6. They didn't tell us til like 1030, which I found rude, because I had to struggle to get everything done before 6. But apparently (John stayed inthe conference room to oversee, or maybe because he's not allowed to go home too early- he always seems to stay late), they didn't really do anything, just lifted up a few ceiling tiles and made Burch Ford faces (I assume). Tonight is night #2 of asbestos, and then starting tomorrow the building's being rewired. So again, we'll be kicked out at 6, and then we can't come back til after midnight on Sunday. I'll just be back on Monday,thanks. Therefore, I have many activities planned this weekend. Pumpking festival on saturday, which I've mentioned before, and so far it's just me and Brandon going, hi awkward. Then Sunday I'm going to sleep in, adn then maybe head down to Windsor VT (2 exits down I-91) to the big Simon Pearce outlet. I was tempted to go shopping in Concord, but I don'tknow if I want to go that far. Plus the whole thing about being broke. I might just end up staying in, cleaning, packing (closing ont he condo now on Nov 21) and baking an apple pie.
Back to work.
Love, snow, and weekend plans.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2003
MFC? Is that you? MFC?
The glory of Dane Cook on cd accompanied me home from West Hartford to Lebanon. And he has joined me every morning since. On cd I mean, not in person. Talk about a dream you don't want to wake up from...
This weekend I was away (again), this time at home, helping my mom with the Centennial Celebration to commemorate 100 years of the CT DAR owning the Oliver Ellsworth House (he's the dude that made up the "we the people of the united states" part of the constitution. His wife got sick so he went back to CT and missed out on the signing.) The celebration went well, but it was very very cold, and I was very very not dressed for cold. Then in the evening I did dinner at Joe's with Ann and Steve and ew they're so cute together, it makes me sick (j/k, you guys are adorable though). I approve of Steve, he's funny and friendly and is obviously just as obsessive as the rest of us (over finding and purchasing a certain cd).
And now I'm back in NH, without any prospects of leaving the area til the WCC concert on Nov 15. Which is fine, because not traveling means I get to sleep!! And that's way cool. I just feel I need a change of scenery. Things that have been going on lately finally caught up with me last night (talk about delayed reaction), so I'm going to email my NH girls and organize our first GNO, whcih will hopefully become a regular event.
In any event,this weekend includes Dartmouth homecoming (bonfire, yay!) and the Keene Pumpkin Festival, which hopefulyl I won't be attending alone.I think I'll find people to come with, though.
I'm closing on my condo on Nov 17th. That's scary... I came back with 4 rubbermaid storage bins to start packing up all my stuff. Now I'm trying to figure out how to coordinate moving with switching my electric, cable adn phone over to the new place. It doesn'treally matter for phone and cable, but hmm electric is necessary, how can I move without lights? I'm going to ask the condo complex manager what she thinks on that.
I don't feel like spreading the love today, so I'll leave you all with kind regards and
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Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Put it in your pocket
I had a great time in Boston this weekend. :)
The weekend started off with rush hour traffic on I-95, following a very pleasant drive down I-89 and 93 (with a bathroom stop at the liquor store rest stop- gotta love NH). I got to Wellesley at 530, 2.5 full hours after I left, hit Peet's Coffee (of course) and the Booksmith (happy sigh) adn then Ann, Roxanne adn Michelle picked me up at SWellesley. We hit Figs for dinner, whcih, as usual, was delish, adn then we went back to their place to get ready to go to Tonic. Tonic was enjoyable, but since the Red Sox game was on, no one was dancing. Sadness. We went to Cityside after, adn then walked back to their apt, and one the way we were handed "Cowboy Up" scarves by some random guy. I proudly display the evidence of my support for the Red Sox in my car window.
We also had some fun decorating the condensation on car windows on our way back, and I think one guy was scared of us. Or turned on, who knows.
Saturday we turned into the "Super Shoppers" (that'd be a fun Halloween costume) and started off with Indian food and then hit Copley and Prudential, my old Saturday hangouts. It was weird being there with people other than Katy and Farleigh, since the three of us were there every other weekend, but it was nice to be back in my fave city. I picked up somew stuff at the new Sephora, and at BR, and we stopped for coffee at the place to the Double Rainbow, which has good smoothies but we all wanted coffee. We decided to forgo dinner because none of us were hungry, and instead shopped til the mall closed, and ate leftover pizza and Indian food at 930 back at the apt. We watched Dane Cook ("cheeeeater! Liaaaaaar! Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty!!") and Bend it like Beckham ("he wants to bend it *in* Beckham") and had all around quality girl time.
Sunday I T'ed over to Woodlands where Meri picked me up, and we went to Figs for brunch, adn then to SWellesley to see her big turret room (she's the HP in Caz) and then I went home. In the pouring rain. Which was quite the opposite of fun.
But all in all, a very nice weekend, complete with good food, good friends, and good shopping. Yay! I need to do a post-doc in Boston.

I'd also like to quote Britney Spears, a line that I wanted to quote before because the interjection at the end is just so dumb, but before it wasn't appropriate. Now it's ok.

"I used to be your girlfriend and I know I did it well/
(Oh yes you know it's true)"

It's the "Oh yes you know it's true" that gets me, it's just so dumb. Oh Britney....

So that was my weekend. Next weekend I'm hopefully going to meet Steeeeeeeve!! at Trinity Homecoming, since Ann, Steve and I will all be in the Hartford area for the weekend, so that will be cool.

Love, good shopping and Chambord
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Friday, October 10, 2003
Wake up with Wood
I followed a big truck carrying a cargo of wood chips this morning. You may say, oh, how odd. Ah but no, wood chip trucks are a common sight here in the north country. (Ok, north-ish country). The thing is, they have a little gate with a mesh screen that goes about half to 2/3s of the way up the otherwise open end of the truck. The giant pile of wood chips slopes down to be level with the top of the gate, so you would think, oh geez, if he brakes fast all the wood chips will fly all over my car. Er, I guess thinking about the proper physics, it would just be if he started to fast. But even, so, bumps could jostle the wood chips and make them fall out. But in the 5 miles I followed this guy, only 1 wood chip fell out. They must have perfected the art of wood chip transportation more than I can imagine.
I got up at the crack/before dawn this morning. That was not the most pleasant thing, but ha ha, I got to lab at 8:30! And of course since Charlie's in Italy this week, everyone else decided to sleep in so no one was here to see my glorious early arrival. Oh well, I got a stellar parking space, so it wasn't a total loss. Oh yeah plus I'll get my work done early enough to leave at 2:30 for BOSTON. YES! I'm excited. Think clubbing, shopping, yummy Boston food, and best of all, I'm going to sit in Peet's Coffee tonight and do my homework- just like old times! (Ok so I didn't usually do homework there on a *Friday* night, but anyway).
I also have to sing the praises of Peet's. They rock more than any other coffee could ever hope to. I'm now a Peetnik, I have a recurring order for a pound of decaf house blend beans, shipped to me every other month. And in this I get samples of other coffees. But the best part- I ordered the coffee Monday evening, it said it would be processed Tuesday. Then Wed it was shipped, and when I got home last night (Thurs!), my coffee was sitting in themail room, waiting for me! Oh man was I excited. I mean, it's shipped from CA or WA or somewhere far from here, and it came that fast! I love them. And their coffee, and their products, adn all the free stuff I've gotten from them over the years.
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Thursday, October 09, 2003
it's hot here. i am sad, i was looking forward to fall, wearing my scarf, wearing my fave boots, and just general fall stuff. But weather, thou mockst me! It's 75 out. It's too hot! Plus the fact that my air circulation system in my car decided one day not to work (AC works fine, heat works fine, but I now only have the lowest of the low fan speed,and the highest of the high. So essentially I can have no air flow, or be blown away. Nofe-air.
Yeah not much is really going on. My apartment is still relatively clean from after my Aunt and Uncle came and cleaned in prep for their visit. My parents are coming up on Sunday, right when I get back from Boston, so I'll have to leave the place clean. Not to hard, really.
I saw a very interesting thing in MSL the other day- black vodka ( It seems to be relatively expensive (to she that only buy liquor that's on sale, and never more than $15 a bottle) and only available online. But Martha has some interesting recipes for drinks using black vodka, all for Halloween.
Oh speaking of alcohol- I finally found a red wine I like! Yay! I like pinot noir. I like pinot grigio too, are they related? (grigio is white wine, though). I know absolutely nothing about wine.
Continuing the theme of things to ingest, I'm psyched about possibly getting Indian food in Boston this weekedn. YES! I love Indian food.
that's really it. I'm boring this week.

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Sunday, October 05, 2003
How many pairs of shoes does one person need? I ask you this because I bought a new pair of black knee-high leather boots on Friday. Yes I know I already have a pair of black knee-high leather boots, but this pair is a bit more refined than the other. So I have two, one for slutty clubbing-wear (i.e. they're retired now) and one for jeans and skirts adn the like.
And I was curious, so (as I am often prone to do), I counted my shoes. I have purchased no less than 8 pairs of shoes this year. They include:
tan sandals ($17 at Bella)
red flipflops ($2.49 at J Crew Outlet)
Crocheted strap flipflops ($10 at
White pointy shoes for Dave adn Jenn's wedding ($11 at TJMaxx)
Black pointy shoes for MPS reunion ($11 at TJMaxx)
Pink sandals ($25 at Nordstroms)
Wool clogs ($39 at
Black boots ($50 at TJMaxx)
I think that's all of them. It adds up to about $165. Which actually is not bad at all... Considering that if I'd paid full price, it would have been about $360. Yeah I have the skills of a pro shopper.
On a somewhat related note, today in church the minister said in her sermon that "Being miserly is a sign of pent-up anger". I would have to agree. See, I spend money, i'm not angry. Well plus the fact that shopping is a way to release anger.
My aunt and uncle came up to visit me last night adn took me to dinner at Simon Pearce, that was hella nice. I was cold though, I wore a taffeta-type material dress that was sleeveless and brought no cardigan, just my suede jacket (that so clashed but oh well). But the food was heavenly, esp the butternut squash soup with maple chantilly (which is kinda like creme fraiche). I also baked apear pie to serve them for dessert, that was quite tasty.
My apartment is spotless, it's gorgeous, now I have to see how long it takes me to mess it up again. Hopefully a long time!
I'm on my way to the dirt cowboy for breakfast/coffee/refreshment, while I do reading for class. Also have to figure out how to fit in going over to West Leb to pick up developed film...
Happy Sunday!
love, kisses and lots of fresh fall produce
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Friday, October 03, 2003
Despairing, cursing rage attends their rapid fall
Things that are bad:
Ligations that don't work
Machines that mysteriously disappear and without the all-knowing Kathie Savage knowing about it
Stupid drivers
BMW drivers (oh sorry, said that already)

That basically sums up my day. Oh and I didn't get time to go to the pottery open house. Well, I'll go tomorrow.
Plans for tonight: watch a silly and/or stupid movie, and SLEEP.
Love and yeah yeah, whatever.
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Thursday, October 02, 2003
Bow down to me, I am LORD FORMAZAN
YES!!!! I have mastered the blog! I'm excited.
But it's cookie time now, so I'll write more interesting stuff later.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
google has
failed me. but if you do a search formy name, you get some nice WCC pics.
going home now! bye bye evil lonely lab! home of transformations that just don't work
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Thong tha thong thong thong
.....has nothing to do with what's on my mind. But it was on my winamp a few minutes ago. yeah, you know better than to ask.
So I'm reminiscing today. I met this girl in choir who's from Wilkes-Barre PA, adn I say, oh I had a friend from near there, she was from Shavertown. And the girl's like, yeah I know people from there. So I say, yeah she was a really good friend. I wonder what happened to her. Then Dave (J) snorts. If Dave J read this, I would say DaveJ, good point. But DaveJ is not good enough a friend to receive my blog url. I was just reading this random guy's blog (ok honestly, he's a friend of a friend that doesn't speak to me anymore). I rarely delete people from my buddy list, I have people that I haven't spoken to since freshman year of college on there. So that's why he's still there (he stopped talking to me after I asked Eva if he was desperate. Well I'm sorry, any guy that I haven't met before that asks if he can fly from IN to MA to see me for a weekend strikes me as a little.... bored).
Anyway, this dude has comments form like 15 different people on his blog. Why am I not as popular? Where's my fan mail? Well one hindrance could be that I don't have the comment feature (Eva and Paul both have the comment feature and they use blogger! Nofair!) Another is probably that I have no email address to reply to. Well, here. This email is perfectly safe to broadcast around.
So I'm wondering, what inthe world happened to allthose people I wasn't really that close to (or chose to be less close afterthe proximity-convenience factor of the friendship went away)? What are they doing now? My ensemble buddies? The music geeks? I miss them. i want to know what they're doing now. We had some good times. Now I'm babbling.
Well anyhoo I found blogs of other friends of friends. They talk about stuff that confuses me. Ah, such is my lot in life. Confusion and ZINC. I hate zinc (bio 165).
I am sad and lonely and my boyfriend didn't tell me his parents are here this weekend so suddenly I am left alone and without plans. Yes I'm bitter, i could have gone to Boston this weekend instead of next and not been bored (oh no, never bored at 2000 Comm Ave). NoI'm not really bitter. I'm tired. I miss people. No one is in my lab, since it is 11:30. Therefore, I will go home.
People, if you're reading this and you haven't seen me in a while, email me. Unless you're a psycho stalker. I don't need more of those, but I'm sure you'll find another nice girl to latch on to.
No I dont' give my phone number out. I know better. ;)
No cooking lesson today.
Love, kisses, and a hug from a worn, loved stuffed bunny,

ps if i do a google search for my name, will it come here? Catherine Bue
let's see
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